How To Drive a Golf Ball For Beginners

How to drive a golf ball for beginnersHow to drive a golf ball for beginners is not that easy.  I found this fact out early in my golf experience.

Does the following sound familiar ?

It’s a beautiful clear day, sun shining, blue sky with just a few white clouds, perfect temperature of about 75 degrees and just a light breeze to make everything even more amazing.

You are a golf beginner, played only a few games in your life, not really confident at all in what you are doing on the golf course, although you wish you were a better golfer.  It’s just not that simple. Well, I know I’m not alone. Driving a golf ball for beginners isn’t quite as easy as it looks on TV.

But, you do have the new golf shoes, new clubs, a shirt that says Arnold Palmer and a great golf hat that says Budweiser (for some reason).  You are ready, so, what could go wrong ?

You’re on the first tee ready to hit your first shot of the day, with the dreaded driver in your hands. You’re quickly trying to remember how to swing a driver as taught by Johnny Miller in the PGA golf tournament last week, but too many thoughts come rushing into your mind.  Oh no, your friends and lots of other strangers seem to be watching your every move as if you were somebody really important.

You could have heard a pin drop – why was everyone so quiet ? You put the tee in the ground and place the ball on it. That was easy …

You take a look down the fairway at the straightaway 380 yard par 4 hole.  The group ahead of you is out of the way so it is time for you to take your turn.  You grip the club in a rather baseball bat type fashion, try and align yourself to the target with your feet (just like they do on television) and then you notice a few grins in the crowd. What am I doing wrong you silently think to yourself ?  I don’t think this is funny at all.

Not to hold up the game and the patience of my friends any longer, you decide to take that first swing of the day. You turn the club around your shoulders and thrust yourself with everything you’ve got at that little unsuspecting white ball on the tee.  Boom !  You hit it right in the middle of the face of the club and then quickly follow through with a high finish just like a pro.

Boy did that feel good !

Well, not quite.

Discover How To Drive a Golf Ball For Beginners Who Want a Simple Golf Swing Technique To Hit a Golf Ball Straight And Far !


How to Drive a Golf Ball for Beginners Golf Instruction

Your shot starts out like a dart and then about 100 yards into its journey it takes an abrupt detour to the right and keeps going.  “Oh no, not again” you exclaim !  As your friends eagerly and sympathetically watch your ball quickly enter the trees you here the unwelcome sound of branches cracking and a few birds tweeting some insults your way.

When you find your ball, it is surrounded by a forest of oak trees and you can’t even see where the fairway is, although you can see your pals in the distance waiting for you to try your next shot.

Driving a golf ball straight must be nice. Lots of people can do it, so why can’t you ?  Must be in your genes or DNA. Some people have it and some don’t.

Well, anyway, you hack at the ball with an iron and hit a few trees again on the way and when the dust settled some 15 minutes later, you had to write an 8 on the scorecard.

Not a very good start. Four over par and you have only played the first hole.

There must be an easier way.

Maybe there is …


A Simple Golf Swing For Beginners and Experts Alike …

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  • “My Friends All Chuckled When I Stepped Up To The Tee—But When I Smacked The Ball Straight Down The Fairway…”
  • “I’ll Never Forget The Look On My Golf Buddies’ Faces”

… the first few games after I started implementing this secret they were shocked, stunned and flat-out
flabbergasted. They couldn’t figure out how I was able to take my game to a whole new level so quickly.

Seeing that “frozen in the headlines” look of utter amazement and disbelief plastered on their faces was

I was finally the one laughing all the way to back to the clubhouse with the lowest scores of my life.

No more frustration from playing inconsistent and butt-ugly golf. I was in the zone. Loving the game like
never before.


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Golf Terminology for Beginners – Part 1

Golf TerminologyUnderstanding the basic golf terminology for beginners is important if you plan to take to playing the sport some day in your life. In fact, even if you are just a golf lover, you can get more enjoyment by watching a game of golf when you know the basic terms used in the game.

On the other hand, if you are a serious golfer, it would be great if you can talk-the-talk.

This is why you need to be aware of the basic golf phrases out there. This read offers information on the basic golf terminology.

Many other terms will be discussed in future articles.

Basic Golf Terms


Ace – This term is used to describe the process of striking the golf ball from the Tee into the Hole with only one swing of the Club.

Address – This is a term that describes the process of grounding the clubhead. In fact, this is the final position taken by the golfer prior to the starting of the take-a-way.

Alignment – This is the position of the golf player’s body with relation to the target line of the golf ball.

Approach Shot – This is a golf shot hit by a player with the intention of landing the golf ball on the green.

Back Foot – The golfer’s foot that is placed farthest from the target when hitting the golf ball.

Back In Stance – When a right-hander places the golf ball further back from his/her front foot.

Back Nine – This term refers to the last 9 holes in an eighteen hole golf course. The back nine is a popular term used when a player reaches these holes.

Backspin – This term describes the rotation imparted to the golf ball with the use of a highly lofted club. During the flight, the underside of the ball will be spinning in the direction of its travel.

Backswing – This term describes the motion that involves the club and all elements of the player’s body in taking the club back.

Golf Bag – This is a type of container that holds all the sports equipment relating to the game of golf. This bag has multiple pockets with zips and Velcro fasteners.

Bag Stand – This is a stand that is used to hold the player’s golf bag while he or she is at a practicing session. Bag stands are helpful to protect the equipment of the player. It is important to keep an eye on the stand since you have all the valuable items inside it.

Blast – Hitting the golf ball out of a sand trap is referred to as Blast or Explosion Shot.

Block Shot – This is a shot that is directly hit to the right by a right-handed player.
In conclusion, the game of golf has plenty of unique terms used by professional golfers and golf
lovers. You should have a basic idea of these terms if you want to become a professional golfer in
the future. This read provides information on some of the basic golf terminology for the beginner


Golf Basics for Beginners Golf Guide

Golf Basics For BeginnersGolf Basics for Beginners

Golf is probably one of the most addictive games in the world, but it is also the sort of game you either love or you hate. Fortunately, most people will know if they love or hate it, almost from the time they play their first game. You will enjoy it more if you know what you are doing so what follows are some golf basics for beginners.

While you may be tempted to get out on a golf course from the word go, you will enjoy yourself a whole lot if you first spend some time practicing at a driving range.

Even professional golfers practice on driving ranges, so it only makes sense for beginners to do the same thing. Do some online research on golf grip tips for your woods and irons; what sort of posture to adopt, and then practice at the range.

There are many golf tips for beginners to be found online, but one which really helped me when I first started out, was one which stressed the importance of not trying to hit the ball as hard as possible or as far as possible.

Get your golf swing technique right, and distance will come automatically. In short, golf is not a game of strength, it is all about technique.

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Welcome to My Golf Beginners Blog !

Hi, this is my personal blog and a place for me to share my experience with an emergency situation I had less than a year ago. I was tired of my friends making fun of my golf game and laughing at the shots I was making and I was fed up with losing golf balls in the woods, in the water, out of bounds, in the parking lot and even in people’s backyards when houses were around the course.

Kind of embarrassing and frustrating, to put it mildly.

I had to do something or quit the game and that is why I called it an emergency.

Maybe you’re here because you also want to find some golf driving tips for beginners, or maybe you are just looking for some information on the proper golf swing.  Either way, you are in the right place.

Now back to my story …

I really didn’t want to pay $100 for a half hour lesson with a local golf professional because I knew I would have to go back again and again and I was not made of money. I had to save a few bucks for green fees and lost bets and of course golf balls at $4.00 a piece. Golf can be expensive some times, so you save money where you can.

Funny how this happened, but there was kind of a new friend that joined our group named Dave and he always seemed to play well. He was average height and weight like me and around the same age as me (middle age). He even shot a 73 one game not too long ago, I think mostly because he hits his drives so straight it was hard to believe. I guess if you’re never in trouble you can shoot lower scores.

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