Golf Basics for Beginners Golf Guide

Golf Basics For BeginnersGolf Basics for Beginners

Golf is probably one of the most addictive games in the world, but it is also the sort of game you either love or you hate. Fortunately, most people will know if they love or hate it, almost from the time they play their first game. You will enjoy it more if you know what you are doing so what follows are some golf basics for beginners.

While you may be tempted to get out on a golf course from the word go, you will enjoy yourself a whole lot if you first spend some time practicing at a driving range.

Even professional golfers practice on driving ranges, so it only makes sense for beginners to do the same thing. Do some online research on golf grip tips for your woods and irons; what sort of posture to adopt, and then practice at the range.

There are many golf tips for beginners to be found online, but one which really helped me when I first started out, was one which stressed the importance of not trying to hit the ball as hard as possible or as far as possible.

Get your golf swing technique right, and distance will come automatically. In short, golf is not a game of strength, it is all about technique.

Rules and Etiquette

Golf basics for beginners can help you to really enjoy your early days on a golf course. Part of those basics is learning about the Professional Golf Association (PGA) rules of golf, and golf course etiquette.

Contrary to what some people believe, golf actually has very few rules. One rule which you do need to be aware of as a beginner is that once your ball is in play, you are not allowed to touch it.

There are a few exceptions, but as a general rule, once you tee-off, you are not allowed to touch of pick up your ball until it reaches the putting green, at which one of the other players may ask you to pick your ball. If you do, you need to mark the spot with a marker, and then set your ball in the exact same position when it is your turn to play.

When it comes to etiquette, things are just as straightforward as well. While golf has the ability to leave you feeling very frustrated at times, losing your temper and having a tantrum is frowned upon. If things aren’t going well for you, just remind yourself that everyone has good and bad days on the course.

Then there is golf etiquette for slow play and playing through you have to understand. You must respect other groups of players, either in front of your group or behind your group. For example, if you are slowing the next group down, consider taking a short break so that they can move the front of you.


Understanding the Scoring System

Understanding how the scoring system works is also one of the important golf basics for beginners, and fortunately, scoring is very easy to grasp. Basically, your goal is to complete all 18 holes with the least number of strokes. Each time you hit the ball, it counts as one stroke, and you can also get penalty strokes that naturally add to your total number of strokes.

For example, if you cannot find your ball after you hit it, you will pick up two additional strokes on your score card, because you will a penalty stroke, and the stroke on your second attempt also goes on your card, along with your original stroke.

Golf is an amazingly enjoyable game and providing you start out the right way, you’ll almost certainly become hooked on it. Familiarizing yourself with golf basics for beginners can go a long way in helping you to really enjoy the game the way it should be enjoyed.


Sam Higgins

With regards to your golf basics for beginners, please include some information later about how to stop a slice. I keep hitting it way to the right all the time and can’t stop it.


Hi Sam, I know that a golf slice is a common problem for all levels of golfers. If you want to drive a golf ball straight and long, watch that your stance is aiming at your intended target and not to the left of it (for a right handed player). When you take your stance place a club down touching the toes of your shoes and see where it is pointed. It should be pointed directly at the center of the fairway or wherever your target is. If not, adjust your stance so that it is. There are other things but that is one of the best tips for beginner golfers to stop a fade.

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