Golf Terminology for Beginners – Part 1

Golf TerminologyUnderstanding the basic golf terminology for beginners is important if you plan to take to playing the sport some day in your life. In fact, even if you are just a golf lover, you can get more enjoyment by watching a game of golf when you know the basic terms used in the game.

On the other hand, if you are a serious golfer, it would be great if you can talk-the-talk.

This is why you need to be aware of the basic golf phrases out there. This read offers information on the basic golf terminology.

Many other terms will be discussed in future articles.

Basic Golf Terms


Ace – This term is used to describe the process of striking the golf ball from the Tee into the Hole with only one swing of the Club.

Address – This is a term that describes the process of grounding the clubhead. In fact, this is the final position taken by the golfer prior to the starting of the take-a-way.

Alignment – This is the position of the golf player’s body with relation to the target line of the golf ball.

Approach Shot – This is a golf shot hit by a player with the intention of landing the golf ball on the green.

Back Foot – The golfer’s foot that is placed farthest from the target when hitting the golf ball.

Back In Stance – When a right-hander places the golf ball further back from his/her front foot.

Back Nine – This term refers to the last 9 holes in an eighteen hole golf course. The back nine is a popular term used when a player reaches these holes.

Backspin – This term describes the rotation imparted to the golf ball with the use of a highly lofted club. During the flight, the underside of the ball will be spinning in the direction of its travel.

Backswing – This term describes the motion that involves the club and all elements of the player’s body in taking the club back.

Golf Bag – This is a type of container that holds all the sports equipment relating to the game of golf. This bag has multiple pockets with zips and Velcro fasteners.

Bag Stand – This is a stand that is used to hold the player’s golf bag while he or she is at a practicing session. Bag stands are helpful to protect the equipment of the player. It is important to keep an eye on the stand since you have all the valuable items inside it.

Blast – Hitting the golf ball out of a sand trap is referred to as Blast or Explosion Shot.

Block Shot – This is a shot that is directly hit to the right by a right-handed player.
In conclusion, the game of golf has plenty of unique terms used by professional golfers and golf
lovers. You should have a basic idea of these terms if you want to become a professional golfer in
the future. This read provides information on some of the basic golf terminology for the beginner


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